Ptcl Evo Setup, Use PTCL EVO Internet

PTCL EVO is the most convinced and vibrant 3G device that allows internet on broadband and landline as well.Here is the complete setup for how to use PTCL EVO on PC.

First connect the device with PC

The software will run automatically install it and then click on PTCL EVO Icon on desktop.

Now go to settings

There are two options down there

1X select it if you want to use dial up internet using Vfone Sim whose speed is 153kbps

EVO select it if you want to use broadband evo internet having speed of 3Mbps for this you don't need to insert sim in evo.

then save your setting and click on internet and click on connect

The internet will be connected and minimize the window and enjoy internet.

You can use EVO with more than 1 PCs at a time but it needs a network adopter which can receive,transmit and distribute signals coming from EVO.This device is called dual modulator and it is available in Pakistan prices ranging from 5000 to 8000 from various companies.

Green & Red Light:
Most people are worried about green or red light blinking.Green light blinks when you use EVO broadband and red light shows vfone dialup connection.Red light also can blink if you have low signal strength.

For low signal areas you can use antenna to use this service.


  1. muj say rabta kren main apko 500 mai 15din ka free internet unlimited usege k sat don ga jo ptcl walay 1000 main detay han.


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